Ivanka Trump Talks About Empowering Women, Dad Pushes “Buy American,” Yet Her Company Practices Don’t Align With Mission

Politics by Monique Turcot on July 14, 2017

When President Donald Trump vowed to implement his “America First” agenda that would bring back jobs to the U.S. and “protect our borders from the ravages of other countries making our products, stealing our companies and destroying our jobs” during his inaugural address, his daughter, Ivanka proudly looked on. Meanwhile, his “buy American and hire American” advice couldn’t be further from the Ivanka Trump clothing line’s business practices.

According to The Washington Post, while her dad was being sworn in as president, “a hulking container ship called the OOCL Ho Chi Minh City was pulling into the harbor of Long Beach, Calif., carrying around 500 pounds of foreign-made Ivanka Trump spandex-knit blouses.” Also reportedly en route to the U.S. were 10 ships hauling Ivanka Trump-branded shoes, cardigans and leather handbags off the coasts of Malta, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea and Yemen.

Ivanka Trump’s company contradicts her dad’s “America First” vision as it “relies exclusively on foreign factories in countries such as Bangladesh, Indonesia and China.” But the bigger problem is that these locations are where low-wage laborers are barely able to advocate for themselves. The Washington points found that Ivanka’s company “lags behind many in the apparel industry when it comes to monitoring the treatment of the largely female workforce employed in factories around the world.” This also contradicts her “life’s mission” to improve the lives of working women. Find out what the company needs to do to turn things around…

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